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"I haven't had an opportunity to look at the pictures yet but I've been meaning to email you since Saturday evening to say 'thank you very much.' You and your team were awesome and I really appreciate what you did for my daughter. The children had a wonderful time as did I. You were all very professional yet fun and I liked that." SB, Spa Party, Age 11

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you so much for Saturday! My daughter and all of her little friends had an amazing time. Thank you so much for helping to make her Birthday SOOOO very special!" HB, Princess Party, Age 6

"Thank you very much. I love the pictures. As usual, you and your team did a wonderful job. The children had such a great time and I was impressed with your friendliness and professionalism. It would be a pleasure for me to work witth you again in the future." SH, Spa Party, Age 7

"Thank you so much for everything Sandy. My daugher and her friends had a fantastic time!" EP, Diva Dance Party, Age 10

"I just wanted to thank you again for Saturday, my daughter and the other girls had a wonderful time. Thank you for helping make her 5th birthday party a success!" MF, Princess Party, Age 5

"Thanks again for a great party. The girls truly enjoyed it, and the moms wished it was them getting pampered. Every detail was fantastic, we most definitely will be using your services again." MM, Spa Party, Age 7

"I think the parties are fantastic. I don't know how you do it! I'm sure we'll see you again in the next few months" AS, Princess Party, Age 7

"I must say this is the easiest birthday party I have had for either of my girls. They were still talking about the party days later saying it was so "cool"! Thanks so much for the most relaxed birthday party I have ever hosted." TH, Spa Party, Age 13

"Thanks so much for a great time had by all the girls." CS, Diva Dance Party, Age 6

"Thank you so much for coming! The girls had a blast! Quite a few moms were asking about you this morning as well, so I am sure you will be getting a few calls." AA, Spa Party, Age 7

"Thanks again for my daughters party! All of the girls had a blast and the birthday girl has been quite the diva today with her nails done! It's totally cute!" MK, Spa Party, Age 5